Confessions of a Quality Manager  

Being the adventures of four jet-setting quality consultants who like to talk shop even more than they like good food and drink.

This is fantasy consulting. For the real thing, go to Fell Services' Quality pages.

Incidentally, a routine audit was much enlivened by a message to all users coming up on the screen in the middle of one of the presentations: sod off. The presenter instantly shut down the screen, while one of the other managers diverted with auditors with a strategic question and about two other quality engineers jumped up, as if on springs, and casually stood between the screen and the auditors. For that improvised ingenuity alone,a pass is merited.

The only other thing I've come across which came close (and this is true btw) is when lots of equipment was found which would have annoyed the auditors. It was put, manhandled, into a small room and then one of the joiners casually produced a "ladies" sign and screwed it on the door. The auditors walked straight past.

Take note to self: when auditing, always insist on visiting the ladies: just in case.

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Thursday, November 22, 2001  
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